My name is Emily.
+ seahorses, piercings, my baby boyyy, charisma, warm beds.
- Body odor, no $$$, close-minded assholes, restrictions, headaches.

My relationship with all of my friends

Getting my sweat on with this crazy boy on a beautiful day!!

Little transformation for ya. Except I’m more comparing lifestyles here and not body changes. I’ve never really been into drinking because of my health problems, but I liked to party and smoke and eat junk! The one on the left is how I looked for a long time. Happy on the outside, miserable on the inside. I felt lethargic and tired all the time. I hated wearing shorts because my thighs we’re big and my muffin top would always show. The one on the right is me with major improvements! I’m still working on some things, I’m far from perfect, but my happiness and energy has increased dramatically. I feel more confident in myself. I love it. I feel like I have a purpose. I’m not just doing this to look good or impress people with a nice looking body. I’m doing it for my well being and confidence in myself!! I love my lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it for the world… #thinkbig #dreambig #success #bodypositive


Kazuo Umezu